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Ltd fund aim was to identify and develop businesses in Africa that can directly resolve social issues by creating jobs for local residents, boosting incomes, improving the living and welfare environment, and securing foreign currency. Once you have opened the appropriate Rolodex entry, the settings you will need to familiar yourself with appear in the lower right of the screen. Established in 2017, the fund invests specifically in the healthcare sector of Africa, primarily in SSA region, West-Africa Region, and in selective areas of Central, North, and South-Africa.

Previously, AAIC provided fund management support to a social venture fund, “Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa Pte. AAIC currently manages the Africa Health Care Fund “AHF”. Secondly, if you know the RGB and HSB values for the color you wish to use, you can simply type them into the appropriate fields. Investment Period: 4 Years from the closing date, Term: 7 Years from the final closing date, subject to extension for up to 3 Years, Ticket Size: Maximum 20% of the fund per portfolio company (Maximum US $2.4 M).

Configuration is done in the Rolodex.

This way, your clients can access your website to find the link instead of trying to find it with an internet search. Support Tools. They can be found by clicking on the start button, then the down arrow to view the installed applications. Here's why: You can assign tasks based on role, file type and key file dates. Http://www.toyota-tsusho.com/english/press/detail/140107_002574.html, Http://www.toyota-tsusho.com/english/press/detail/140107_002574.html. Alternatively, you can click on that bar, and you can search your computer for the image file you wish to use. This is accessed from your Whiteboard > Back Office > Rolodex Menu > Manage Rolodex. My Account.

Ltd… “, established by Toyota Tsusho Corporation – The first social venture fund by a Japanese company in Africa.

Each Settlement Agency can have a unique logo and banner, so the options are vast. To edit the banner color, click on the empty field next to the label Banner Color. First, you can simply drag the file from its location on your computer over the red bar that says Drag Your Logo Here To Upload, and drop it. Secure Messaging through the Closing Portal. The region’s largest issue and growing sector, utilizing Japanese technology and knowhow.

It will contain your company’s contact number and logo, or a default Closing Portal logo if your company has not selected a logo. Once you have uploaded a logo, two new options will become available, as seen below.

Overview of Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa The Fund Support. If your office is using Settlement Agencies, you will need to configure each Settlement Agency that will be using the Portal.

The Fund; ConnectOR by The Fund; Getting Started; Articles in this section. First of all, a button will appear that will allow you to delete the logo that you have loaded. Investment units: Each US $ 300 K – US$ 3 m (Max.) Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa. Resources.

The Closing Portal is a tool intended to assist with secure communication with your various contacts in a reliable, user friendly, and secure manner.

Bear in mind that if the logo is removed, the link is also removed.


Configuration mostly consists of customizing the banner and log in screen so it looks like your company has invested a great deal of money and effort to provide your clients with a top notch closing experience. For the most part, not much is necessary in order to set up the Closing Portal. AAIC currently manages the Africa Health Care Fund “AHF”. If you ever need to change the logo, simply click this button and upload a new one. As a note, logos must be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format in order to load. Toyota Tsusho CSV Africa Pte. RE: Purchase of property located at: 123 Hehehe Lane, Adger, AL 35006 Dear James W. Harden and Sarah R. Harden: E-Closing Lite is pleased to be representing 1st Bank of New England with regard to your purchase ; LETTERHEADS/FOOTERS – You can send us your letterhead and footer in either Word or PDF format. If at any point you decide the color isn’t right or that you simply want a change, you can come back to this screen and choose a new color. Items are in alphabetical order and can be found under “The Fund”.


If you wish to have a more unique look for you company’s Closing Portal, you may edit the banner color and add a logo.

In fact, nothing is truly required since we pull certain information and display it in a default manner.

The first is to simply use the slider bars to find a color that you like.

If your company has a logo that it wishes to display in the banner, it can also be uploaded on this screen. If your company is not using Settlement Agencies, you will need to access the entry in your rolodex for “This Company”. Your web designer can use this url to create a link to the Closing Portal on your company website.

How to add a user? Support. In the field labeled Select By Company Business Type, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “This Company”. So, what will you do with all that extra time? Your banner is essentially the header at the top of the screen that your clients will see when they access the Closing Portal. You have three options to select a color. In order to use the Closing Portal to its fullest potential, you will want to configure it first.

There are two tools for DoubleTime ® support that are installed with the program. Hello E-Closing users! If you're not using E-Closing DT's Automated Tasking features, you need to start. My Account, Fund Shop & Resources.

https://www.thefund.com/e-closing-dt/training/path/back-office/create-a-new-checklist.aspx, https://www.thefund.com/e-closing-dt/training/path/back-office/create-a-checklist-event.aspx, https://www.thefund.com/e-closing-dt/training/path/advanced/status-legend-organization-process-flow.aspx, Enhanced Standard Commitment Clauses Added to E-Closing DT, Track Progress Easily with E-Closing DT Features, Be a Closing Hero with E-Closing DT’s Automated Tasking Features, Notarial Certificates in E-Closing DT's Standard & Custom Documents.

Find what you need to know before you start. It has a variety of features that will help you manage collaborating with your clientele more efficiently.

When you do, a small menu will appear that looks like this. Policy Payment - Announcing the Latest Integration & Guide!

What’s New in My Account? Established in 2017, the fund invests specifically in the healthcare sector of Africa, primarily in SSA region, West-Africa Region, and in selective areas of Central, North, and South-Africa. This information is pulled automatically, so long as the requisite fields are filled in the Rolodex entry. The Closing Portal is a tool intended to assist with secure communication with your various contacts in a reliable, user friendly, and secure manner.

Download Workbook, Learn the newest features and functionality of DoubleTime®, Lookup easily searchable FAQs, View DoubleTime® Training Videos. Once you have chosen your banner color, click the save icon to lock in your choice.

Investment period: 2014-2021 Uploaded here you will find a handy cheat sheet to more exactly explain the various sets of contact information on page 5 of the Closing Disclosure. You can assign tasks based on role, file type and key file dates. Secondly, a login link will appear. So beyond handing out assignments to other team members, what are the benefits? Policy Submit - Announcing the Latest Integration & Guide. The Fund; Member Portal Member Portal.

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