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cheese production flow chart

Belt conveyor The hydrochloric acid must be free from heavy metals and arsenic. Then the cheese is trucked to ripening storage at 12 – 13 °C and 90 % RH. 22 from Statens Mejeriforsøg, Hillerød, Denmark, gives an idea of what happens when cheese is salted: Cheese curd is criss-crossed by capillaries; approximately 10.000 capillaries per cm2 have been found. The course of events is illustrated in Figure 14.12.
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The most commonly used chemical is sodium nitrate (NaNO3), but in the production of Emmenthal cheese, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is also used. Once your cheese has properly air dried you can rub the surface with oil to prevent moisture loss and cut down on mold growth. The cheeses can be pressed per batch or per row in cases where a conveyor press is used. Varieties: Ricotta (Italy), Channa and Paneer (India), some varieties of Latin American white cheese. pH Control: The final acidity (pH) is determined by the amount of acid added. However, spore-forming microorganisms in the spore state survive pasteurization and can cause serious problems during the ripening process. If you only fill a mold with curds half way you may be left with surprisingly thin cheese. Top side of a Casomatic single column. Cheese making can be described as the process of removing water, lactose and some minerals from milk to produce a concentrate of milk fat and protein. Depending on how the curd grains are treated after whey separation, four different types of cheese are obtained. Waxing will help limit moisture loss while aging your cheese and is one of the easiest ways to protect your cheese during the aging process. Except for fresh cheese types such as cottage cheese and quarg, in which the milk is clotted mainly by lactic acid, all cheese manufacture depends upon formation of curd by the action of rennet or similar enzymes. To do this, remove your mold from the press, take off the follower and gently take out your cheese by lifting up on the edges of your cloth. Soak the cloth in warm water, and then spread evenly over the top and bottom surface of your cheese. Dressing tank In general, for semi-hard cheeses, the curd is exposed to salt at a pH of 5.3 – 5.6, i.e. An experienced affineur knows how to properly treat each cheese so it develops the desired flavor and texture. Stirring blades mounted on the tip-ends of the tools, in combination with the rounded backside of the knives, give gentle and effective mixing of the curd. Following the period of surface treatment, the cheese is forwarded to ripening storage at 10 – 12 °C, often after having passed a washing machine. However, for safety reasons, during periods when very high loads of spore-formers are expected, small amounts of chemicals (2.5 – 5.0 g per 100 l of milk) may be used, if legally allowed. Another is a partial salting system used in production of Pasta Filata cheese (Mozzarella), illustrated in Figure 14.26. Feed conveyor The cheese should take up no more than 1/3 of the space in the container. Three characteristic abilities of starter cultures are of primary importance in cheesemaking: The main task of the culture is to develop acid in the curd. Bovine mastitis is a common disease that causes the cow pain as well as drastically affecting the composition and the quality of the milk; farmers must discard such milk, or at least not send it to the dairy. Many customers will set up a dorm size fridge since they have a small foot print and they use a cooling element which helps retain moisture. Washed curd cheese typically have moisture contents of 40 - 50%. These machines are usually fully automatic and can produce packages of different weights and shapes. For each time the pressure is increased first remove and flip your cheese in the same manner as above. At the end of the tunnel, the moulds pass a de-moulding device. There are six important steps in cheesemaking: acidification, coagulation, separating curds and whey, salting, shaping, and ripening. 14.27 The curd/whey mixture is pumped from the buffer tanks to the top of the multi-column. While the whey is passed to a collection tank, the curd falls into the CW tank with a certain level of fresh water. When the concentrate is to be re-introduced into the cheese milk, it must be sterilized. Grooving tool. Follow your recipe as a guide for how long to let your curds drain. 14.33

Whey is drained through the perforated sections on the column.

Centrifugal separator This is illustrated in Figure 14.4, which also shows that before being pumped to the sterilizer, the concentrate is diluted with clarified milk milk (about 1.8% of the feed) to obtain a sufficient volume for proper sterilization. After adding rennet to your milk let it sit for the time called for in your recipe. Begin by melting your wax in a pot on a stove-top. The humidity figures are not relevant to film-wrapped or bag-ripened cheese. The gas formed when they start growing initially dissolves in the liquid, but as bacterial growth continues, local supersaturation occurs, which results in the formation of small holes. One of the most common causes is the presence of antibiotics used to cure udder diseases. The Tilsiter types are typical representatives of the former intermediate forms, as are blue or blue-veined types of cheese, while Brie types may represent the latter. Referred to as affinage, this process ages cheese until it reaches optimal ripeness.
Regular blocks of identical size, typically weighing about 18 – 20 kg, are automatically cut, ejected, and bagged ready for conveying to the vacuum sealing unit, which is integral with the production line. One buffer tank is filled up and the other is emptying. Buffer tank The protein level of the milk can be adjusted by membrane filtration techniques or by adding skim milk powder. The bottom of the vat is covered by a plastic, woven belt that can move forwards or backwards. After each pressing cycle containers are emptied and cleaned ensuring first class pressing whey production during a whole production run. During the ripening period of five to eight weeks at 9 – 12 °C and an RH of >90%, the cheese rests on edge, normally on cupped shelves or on pivoted rods, as shown in Figure 14.37. Service area. Little acid development before draining. If bactofugation or microfiltration is not applied, saltpetre (sodium or potassium nitrate) can be used to mask undesired gas forming. Controlled by cooking and washing treatments, Inhibition of culture by low pH, high temperature cooking or cooling, and/or washing, Indian Paneer and Channa, Ricotta, Requeson.

Figure 1.1 Flowchart of Cheese … Curd stirrer Processed cheese is a heat-treated product based on different types of cheese of varying age according to FAO/WHO Standard No. Emmenthal, Gouda, Flexibility regarding cheese types and dimensions, Addition of herbs, spices, etc. To check for this insert the tip of your thermometer or your finger into the curd at a 90 degree angle and lift up. Flow Diagrams. Each mould and lid is in use several times during a production run. in Cheddar and related types of cheese. There are five aims to: The rate of pressing and pressure applied are adapted to each particular type of cheese. If the temperature is close to the range above then you can set up a shelf for aging your cheese. Flowchart for mechanized production of Cheddar cheese. Fig.14.5 Rennet in powder form is normally 10 times as strong as liquid rennet. Normally, the cheese is hot-packed at cooking temperature.

The pressing plate is perforated for whey drainage.

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