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VIVID Light Strip

24v DC | 3.66 w/Ft | >250lm/m | IP67/IP40 | 150° Beam Angle

Vivid Light Strips are the newest member of the LED Neon Flex Vivid series. The patented design coupled with intelligent Nichia LEDs create a dynamic, vibrant white capable of temperatures ranging from 2,700K to 6,000K.

We’ve spent the time to test and re-test this line to ensure they are UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS compliant for the European Union and North American markets. Rigorous environmental, optical, mechanical and electrical testing ensure it can withstand some of the harshest environments.

This fixture is fully encased in a flexible PVC chamber, and when used in conjunction with our patented connectors a water resistance rating of IP67 is achievable!



For more information about this product, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales team or download one of our comprehensive technical documents below:

Light Strip Specification Sheet

Install Manual


Seamless source of uniform illumination
Available in 150° beam angle
Nichia LEDs
UL/cUL, CE, TUV and RoHS Compliant
5 year life span
Three Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Male and female connectors




“This was my first project using LED Neon Flex. Considering the numerous challenges of neon that Vivid solves, I’ll be sure to use LED Neon Flex in my future lighting projects.”
Sanford Neon

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