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2016 Excellence In Live Design – Architainment Winner

Vivid Pixel Helps The Jack Chow Building Win The 2016 Excellence In Live Design‬ Architainment Award

When they announced the winners of the Ninth Annual Excellence in Live Design Awards, chosen online by readers. We were not surprised to see The Jack Chow Building win for Architainment! We are very proud our Vivid Pixel Flexible Neon was used as an integral part of this amazing design! Congratulations to the team, it is well deserved!

Vivid Pixel was applied to the new glass staircase and is featured in the ceiling of the central vestibule, as well as in the window frames.

The color features of the building are supported by a variety of white light accents on the interior and exterior of the building, also integrated into both the functional illumination of the space, as well as the show control system. 

Project Design Team

Owner: World’s Famous Building Corporation, Jack W. Chow – CEO, Rod Chow – President

Lighting Designer & Director: Rod Chow

Control System Designer and Supplier, System Commissioning & Programming: Eos Lightmedia Corp.

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