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What LED Neon is Really Saving You in Energy Consumption

LED neon lighting has gained traction in the lighting marketplace in recent years, particularly for applications along the likes of border lighting, cove lighting, signage and outlines. And while the three letters "LED" certainly signify a more cost-effective, environmentally-sound product, you might be wondering just how much LED neon saves in energy consumption, especially when you take into consideration the more conventional fluorescent and glass neon lighting options. So just how environmental are environmental neon LED solutions? How much energy does LED ... Read more

LED Neon Commercial and Decorative Applications

When you are searching for the best new options in commercial LED neon lighting products, LED Neon Flex always has some amazing new options available for you to consider. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for a commercial-grade product for architectural lighting effects or decorative-grade product to enhance a home's beauty, we have an astounding array of options available in 24 and 120-volt power sources and in variable lengths and profiles. What LED Neon Can Do For Your Commercial Applications Our LED Neon Flex ... Read more

How LED Neon Can Illuminate Your Sign From The Inside Out

Traditional neon lighting conjures up images of vintage theater marquees, all-American diners, and flashing signs in business windows advertising ”we’re open.” Those signs are great for creating a certain type of atmosphere or conveying a message, but what if you're after something a little more modern and bold? One idea for a neon sign that is dazzling and bright, but not outdated: the interior-lit sign. By putting the lights inside of the sign, you create a backlit appearance in a single unit. Here ... Read more

Neon Sign Burnout – There’s Better Solution

Promoting your business in the best manner possible ensures you get people buying your products and services so you can make a profit. If you have a business -- such as a restaurant or convenience store -- that relies on attracting drivers to stop in to make a purchase, you need a way to entice them to walk in through the front doors. Neon signs have been in existence since the 1900s and became extremely popular in the 1940s. You could not ... Read more

The Advantages of LED Neon Flex

Make the switch to LED Neon Flex, one of the most versatile commercial LED lighting products on the market today. Discover why our LED neon lighting solutions have all the advantages over outdated glass neon and other conventional lighting options. Get the Neon Flex Advantage with Neon Light Installation Our commercial LED lighting products are smaller, lighter, and more energy-efficient than old neon lighting. Imagine--a high-tech light source that reduces power consumption while delivering unrivaled lighting quality. Become a more environmentally conscious company by ... Read more

How to Add Dimension to Your Billboard by Adding LED Neon

When you want to make your billboard stand out, we know that considering LED neon lighting solutions is your first step. Neon adds dimension to the display and catches the eye of people going by better than a billboard with no additional lighting.  Our LED neon flex products are perfect for creating an exciting billboard that will be memorable to potential customers. LED neon lighting solutions are: flexible earth-friendly lightweight easy to install versatile affordable As you consider your billboard, think about a word on the sign that might be ... Read more

Vivid RGB Neon Stage Lighting from Old Globe Theatre

No matter how many times you’ve seen a production of “Romeo and Juliet,” you’ve never seen one that sizzles like the version at San Diego’s Old Globe Theatre. Entitled “The Last Goodbye,” the Shakespeare-inspired musical sizzles from its modernized script and powerful performance, but there’s another key element that turns the entire performance up a notch. That element is the vivid LED neon lighting used on the set.   What It Is Vivid LED neon lighting is a versatile, color-changing lighting option that combines low-energy use ... Read more

Grammys Stage Highlighted Color Changing LED Neon Lighting

On Sunday, January 26, 2014, Daft Punk took the stage at the Grammy Awards, along with other music legends such as Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams. This performance- with its high energy and impressive lighting effects--wowed audiences both at the show and those watching from home. The group performed a remixed version of Daft Punk's recent hit single disco anthem, "Get Lucky." Impressive Stage Equipment and Props While the musical talent and stage energy of these performers were certainly key to the all-star ... Read more

Why LED Neon is Changing the Commercial Sign Industry

The business sign landscape is changing, thanks to the extremely efficient and eco-friendly LED signs that are pushing traditional signs out the door. In addition to high visibility and impact, commercial LED lighting products have a bevy of benefits that are helping them transform the commercial sign industry. LED is Lightweight The lightweight nature of LED signage is a boon when it comes to size and placement. Unlike traditional signs that depend on heavy backings and fluorescent or neon tubes, signs that use ... Read more

Why LED Installation Easily Pays For Itself

Light-emitting diodes, or LED, have the potential to completely revolutionize the realm of commercial lighting. These semiconductor devices create visible light whenever electrical currents target them. This means of producing light is incredibly efficient and, therefore, an excellent alternative for businesses hoping to enjoy the full scope of high-quality lighting without enduring the high costs associated with traditional lighting methods. The one worry keeping some businesses from investing in commercial LED lighting products is that of slightly higher installation prices. It is ... Read more
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