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LED Neon Flex Vivid Pixel Wins the 2017 Lighting Design Awards

We talk about the advantages of using LED neon lights over traditional neon gas. However, nothing shows the superior illumination and energy-saving capabilities better than an award tacked on to the product. For the 2017 Lighting Design Awards “Most Outstanding Exterior Luminaire,” LED Neon Flex Vivid Pixel wins among the competition. For our entry in this years lighting design awards, we used Vivid Pixel, our most advanced LED Neon Flex fixture to date. What is the LED Neon Flex? The LED Neon Flex group of ... Read more

5 Key Benefits of LED Lighting for the Sign Industry

Whether you need a sign to highlight the fact that your store is open for business, or you’re a company offering signs to local businesses, the use of LED lighting could dramatically change your business performance. Companies have been turning to neon signs for years to announce their presence to customers, to welcome them to town, and even to highlight the uniqueness of their business. While neon was the go-to of choice, there is an alternative solution that offers vibrant lighting, a ... Read more

5 Questions To Help You Decide What LED Sign Is Right For You

  There's no denying that sticking with outdated signage can cause quite a headache. From high-energy bills to difficult installation, repair and disassembling, old signage has become more of a hassle than it is worth. LED Neon signs can offer you modern technology that surpasses other lighting solutions in several ways. LED Neon is easy to install, low maintenance, and energy efficient. Today is the day for you to upgrade your signage, and when you do, make sure you upgrade to LED ... Read more

How to Upgrade Your LED Neon Channel Letter Sign

LED Neon Channel Lettering LED Neon Channel Lettering can improve signage presentation and makes a tremendous difference in how people view your business. Your brand speaks volumes as to how important you consider your business to be. Technology has made it very easy to have a beautiful led neon channel sign that projects a professional image. LED neon illumination has come a very long way from ten years ago, and upgrading your neon channel letter sign is easier than ever! How can ... Read more

How Durable LED Neon Flex Really Is

You've probably been there before. You are standing on a ladder outside of your business, holding yourself steady with one hand as you hold onto a replacement light bulb with the other. Just as you reach the apex of the ladder and reach out with the opposite hand to begin unscrewing the spent light bulb, you accidently drop the new one, smashing it into a hundred pieces on the ground and forcing you to handle the situation quickly, due to the ... Read more

3 Commercial LED Neon Lighting Products Explained

If you are in the market for commercial LED lighting solutions, you must know about these three excellent products. You should also know exactly how they work and what benefits they offer. You may be surprised at how much flexibility each offers, and by the different elements they will add to your business. Take Advantage of the Flexibility of LED Neon Flex The LED Neon Flex Vivid is a commercial product providing top light output capabilities, extreme durability, and enhanced quality. The name ... Read more

How LED Neon is Making Art Deco Architecture Sustainable

Art Deco Architecture is synonymous with Neon lighting. Thankfully, today we have much better options than traditional neon to help maintain the art deco culture. The answer lies within the new solution to an old problem: LED Neon lighting solutions have revolutionized the Art Deco style by making it more lightweight, low-energy, and environmentally kind than ever before. Many LED neon strips work like the new LED neon Flex: a strip of light that has amazing flexibility and customization. The Downside of ... Read more

How LED Neon Can Upgrade Your Commercial Sign

When it comes to your commercial property and business, signage is a must. Whether it is on the exterior, interior or both, signage will go a long way in attracting consumers to your store, and when used in the right manner, it can even persuade consumers to make a purchasing decision.  What you may not know, however, is that picking out the right signage can be a bit difficult.  To keep things simple, always remember that neon signage will be a ... Read more

3 Reasons Why Our LED Neon Makes Your Purchase Carefree

Purchasing LED neon lights and signs should be hassle-free. As a valued customer and business owner, you should be offered the best products at affordable prices and extended warranties. Friendly and helpful customer service representatives should always be ready to answer your questions and comments with professionalism so you have a great experience. LED Neon Flex believes in such business solutions. It is the reason why so many business owners seek our products to make a purchase. They don't have to deal ... Read more

How LED Neon Gives You the Control with Dimming Drivers

Imagine as your guests enter your highly anticipated awards event, sitting at the brightly lit tables as they murmur in excitement at their surroundings. Then the event begins as the overhead lights dim and the colorful LED neon lights throw bright combinations of red, green, and blue colors throughout the room calling to the guests to take their seats and focus on the main stage. Those who are interested in a drink throughout the event are attracted to the led backlight panel ... Read more
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